Friday, February 12, 2016

Top 10 Xbox 360 Games

Thanks to the pages of his blog, the "Major" Major Nelson has announced that the backward compatibility program of Xbox One can count on another 10 titles. The total number of Xbox 360 games that can be used on the current generation consoles, the software giant takes the total to 120, thanks to the addition to the excellent fighting game Soulcalibur meetings, dell'interessantissima graphic adventure Sam & Max Save the World and the unforgettable The Witcher 2: Assassin's of Kings.

We take this opportunity to remind you that the digital titles within the catalog of compatible games will automatically be included in the section Ready for installation of the Xbox One console. For disk games, however, you must insert the original DVD and wait until the automatic download.
The cause is related to the fact that the Xbox 360 had a tendency to scratch the optical discs. 

According to the plaintiffs Microsoft was aware of the problem but did not take timely precautions. It was their second of a design problem with that Redmond would not ensure the necessary safeguards to prevent the effects of vibration. The small movements to which they were subjected discs produced scratches, making the long unplayable those titles.

The lawsuit was filed in 2012, claiming that the problem was with 55 thousand users of the Xbox 360. But that same year a federal judge rejected it claiming that he was not involved enough people to justify a class action.

Much to the dismay of Microsoft, the decision was however annulled by the Court of Appeals. Microsoft claims that it is not a design flaw, but the scratches resulting from improper use of the console made by users. According to Redmond, only 0.4% of Xbox 360 owners complain of this problem.
The Supreme Court does not decide on the guilt or otherwise of Microsoft, but will simply determine whether there are conditions for a class action.
It is inevitable a bit of nostalgia when we begin to talk about the legendary Ninja Turtles. Born in the now distant 1984, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been successful because they represent a perfect mix of action and humor. 

Crossed comics, tv (with the animated series), cinema (animation films and the recent adaptation of Michael Bay) and also came into our console.

Indeed, the elements for an inspired game are there: memorable characters and fun, colorful graphics and action. What should ever go wrong? In theory, no; in practice, after the first and after TMNT Turtles in Time, very few of the Ninja Turtles games have managed to emerge from mediocrity. Most of the developers have preferred to focus more sull'iconicità the name of the game on care. Now, perhaps, things could change.

Heroes in a shell!
Activision has presented Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant in Manhattan, a third-person action game for release on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC in partnership with Nickelodeon and developed by Platinum Games.

The Platinum are the real experts when it comes to making action games adrenaline. There is talk, after all, the team that brought you the excellent Bayonetta, other deserving action games like Metal Gear Rising and The Wonderful 101, and also other good titles inspired by the animated series The Legend of Korra and Transformers Devastation.

 It is the latter examples us hope towards the success of this game: the Platinum already have good experience in the tie-in cartoon style industry, and we hope that it will be the usual rule of "good things come in threes ". The story will be curated by the current author of the comic of the same name IDW Comics, that inspired even the graphic style, Tom Waltz.

 It seems that want to represent themselves adequately and with the right care turtles and their universe. In short, the premise for a game seems to be taken care of all: if there is a study that can succeed in the enterprise to represent worthily in a video game Ninja Turtles, we are convinced that it is precisely that of Platinum Games.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Euro cloud

"This has been a year of maturation of the cloud as industry, is not something possible but is a reality," she announces Francisco J. González, Chairman of EuroCloud Spain during the presentation of the memory of the activities of the main Association of Cloud Computing technologies and Big dates in Spain,

"The more indicative of this state of maturation is that companies know the cloud as an alternative to infrastructure services. For many people it is not a novelty", another thing is that they are taking full advantage of this technology - says Gonzalez. Who indeed, what surprises him most is that many companies, workers or individuals do not know that they use services in the cloud, but use Gmail and different developers.

Latest official data that are counted are those included by the National Observatory for telecommunication and society (ONTSI) of the information, collected in its report 'The network 2014 society' (published in September of 2015), which reveals that 34.9% of large enterprises has acquired online cloud computing service. Less is, however, the penetration in SMEs, a 13.1%, while for microenterprises is 8.1 per cent.

"It highlights that the figures have evolved relatively little about 2013, especially in SMEs and very small where there is a great ignorance of the cloud as a concept".
According to the study by this agency under the Ministry of industry, energy and tourism "the most sought-after service, in all cases, is that of storing files". But for Gonzalez as "relevant ealmente" r, is its use as a server of databases of the company - from customers, potential customers or internal data - not necessarily as big data, but yes a trendsetter in the accommodation information and data structured in the cloud.

Joins eurocloud Spain, for the moment, has no official figures on the use of cloud services in Spain, apart from those offered by ONTSI, but for its President "all indications are that within a few years this will be one more than the solutions used within the cloud", says in an interview with Baquia prior to the press conference.

System integrators we first saw as an enemy but now see us as a great ally.
For this reason, González notes that industry cloud "there is a great market opportunity for system integrators work and promote the companies to join the cloud solutions". Issue of special relevance when in Spain "the majority of the business sector are SMEs and micro-enterprises".
Euro cloud

"The solution called multinube, is a trend that is seeing already in fact, and despuntará next year", ahead of Gonzalez. The hybrid cloud (mix of private and public cloud) is in fashion has evolved even more hybrid between local and global; for example the user can work with a provider of Spanish cloud, which has facilities in Spain and then combine it with a great public cloud provider.
Containerization as derivative phenomenon, a trend that is "only the beginning" and that will see its evolution in the coming years. "We will configure machines in a few containers carrying our cloud computing machines to other suppliers without effort, when the technologies are compatible" says President joins eurocloud Spain Spain.

From joins eurocloud Spain Spain they predict that this is finally the year "in which people raise is the use of the big data with a particular purpose". Until now was stored information and not is knew what to do with it, but from now could see concrete applications: for example, in applied e security for customers, analyzing the usage patterns of the devices which the customer makes and detect, for example, cases of phishing.
Finally, the Internet of Things will be integrated into the cloud. the Internet of things is already a reality, we will arrive at a moment in which everything is connected: at home with the proliferation of home automation in households but also in public administration with major projects of Smart cities. In fact, the Association will open next month of April a specific Commission for this sector.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Smart Coffeemaker

Constantly increases the number of smart devices and every new product we about to the era of the Internet of things. To date, already we can buy Smart Coffeemaker, a high-tech shower or a car with connection to Internet. Now even the concept of computer furniture, a type of furniture that changes shape according to the preferences of the user has been created.

As almost any device with Internet access, all these innovative gadgets will need to be protected against cyber-attacks. Unfortunately, manufacturers tend not to think about the development of a decent security system until something happens. This has a disadvantage, and it is that, sooner or later, there is always a problem, and adults are not the only victims, but that children are also.

Kaspersky Lab and the company based in Switzerland, WISeKey, join forces to make more secure the Internet of things. With this partnership, the two companies will develop technologies of authentication and data encryption for the protection of devices wearables. Emphasis will be placed on the things that most concern the users daily, secure connection and communication and the exchange of financial information.

WISeKey is a company well versed in the development of security solutions for the Internet of things; for example, its technology "Cryptographic Root of Trust for IoT" (or root of encryption for the Internet of things) has been used in more than 2.5 billion desktops, browsers, mobile devices and certified SSL.

Premium connection, such as Bulgari, device manufacturers have already integrated the WISeKey security solution in your smart watches. This software allows the user to connect their devices to others such as smartphones and access to applications, data, and secure cloud storage.

The experience that Kaspersky Lab brings to this partnership goes by another line. We provide mobile payment security tools. Our technology allows to activate protection at multiple layers of the financial activities of users online. This technology has obtained high marks for quality and reliability in a series of independent tests performed.

End of 2015 and 2016 early, there were multiple cibertaques that were intended to connected devices. So, it's obvious: now is a great time to establish new rules of cyber security for the Internet of things and we are glad to be able to contribute to this topic with our companions of WISeKey.

Solutions to reduce consumption through greater efficiency; for recycling and reusing waste; and to execute these processes with more use of clean energy and fewer greenhouse gases.
Smart Coffeemaker
Climate change is the most serious threat to the future of the human species and we have the last chance for a reaction in time. These are two undeniable teachings that will be the Conference of the parties (COP21) of this year in Paris. There are answers. There is a model. And it is economical and environmentally viable.

Suez Water Spain offers tools to monitor permanently the drainage and sewer networks
2015 is the year of the consolidation of an idea. A strategic project that was born in 2011. A new business culture. The origin was to transform the experience and knowledge of a specialist of world reference in water management and sharing and transferring the new solutions. The science of the universities become technologies. And, ultimately, to establish a common strategy for collaboration among all stakeholders: do all innovation line an opportunity to go adding and achieve a sustainable model to relate less aggressively with natural resources. A model based on the "circular economy" triple r - reduction, reuse and recycling, that generates value and brings sustainability to business projects.

This project, which was born with global vocation, has led to the deployment of Suez Water Spain in both private and public markets in more than twenty countries in Europe, North Africa, United States and much of Latin America.

New technologies and solutions have proved effective in all sectors that have to do with the management of water in the world. They guarantee greater water efficiency in the urban cycle, provide procedures for a purge of all waste and to regenerate the water and enable it again in order to resume the natural cycle. New methods are also responses to drastically reduce pollution in the industrial sectors and produce food with a smaller "footprint" through intelligent irrigation systems. All new mechanisms are joined to self-generate, endogenously, renewable energy.

The technologies that allow displays in real time, and resolving possible incidents in the urban water distribution network, minimizing operating costs, controlling the quality of the water and saving water and energy are already numerous. In the same way, the company offers tools to monitor permanently the drainage and sewerage networks and prevent episodes of risk, such as flooding or discharge. The development of many technologies of remote reading or Smart Metering allows you to streamline and monitor continuous consumption of each client, in such a way that they have become an instrument of great help to the companies supplying and clients themselves. This online register solutions such as service SICAM + or Advance Metering Management, that puts to value water meter as investment rather than cost in order to optimise the policy of renewal of the Park of Accountants; Aquapred, which allows the detection and follow-up of irregular consumption through the analysis of trade data; the Aquacis Suite, modular information that improves the quality of service to the customer and at the same time increase the efficiency of processes; or the new Watercount, an APP designed by the company to improve the manual meter reading from smartphones geopositioned supply point and optimising routes of reading. Another striking novelty is Enerlogy Monitoring (EMO), a platform that is able to integrate all the basic consumption of water, electricity and gas.

Enerlogy Monitoring (EMO) is a platform that is able to integrate all the basic consumption of water, electricity and gas
As for the purification of waste, already extended procedures of treatment, dried and put in value of sludge (STC), new solutions are added to optimize processes in wastewater (wastewater treatment plant) stations. The use of a mineral called struvite has enabled the recovery of some components of value, such as phosphorus and nitrogen are not lost and are subsequently used in agriculture.

If we leave aside the water cold and inaccessible of the polar areas, the greater amount of fresh water is underground aquifers and is the second alternative source of urban and industrial supply. In this sector, technologies have been developed in recent times to ensure supply and avoid the risk of contamination. IDroLewell patented technology allows you to control the levels of the

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Aerospace balloons to nanotechnology

Balloons able to ascend people to return them after 36 kilometers with satellites and - in the future - healthy and save the Earth; design classic and electric vehicles; the best nanotechnology to fight cancer; video games as fun as educational best sellers; software for robots that will make almost everything... They are just some of the actual innovation projects that are developing in Spain entrepreneurs with DNI. Download here the journal El Economista technology.

The latest edition of the brilliant minds event, held last week at the Circo Price in Madrid (15 and 16 October), brought together a group of national romantic illuminated. It was a very inspiring lesson in good gone, good practices, so that we are able when we intend.

Sponsored by PlayStation, Adecco and El Corte Inglés, among other companies, all of them had their own dream. A dream that, despite the crisis and other adversities, it is putting into practice with hard work, discipline and effort. As also happens in elite sport, their projects have a lot of epic. Perhaps for this reason, at the same meeting, the captain of the Spanish team of synchronized swimming Ona Carbonell took the floor. It said: "the good guys complain, the best fit. "The winners are goals, the losers only excuses".


In the end, love is power
The own moderator of the event, the journalist Manuel Campo Vidal, insisted that "Spain does not deserve what is happening". "We have a problem of self-esteem, these people shows us that they are doing things that can do great things," he repeated. And put an example: "Why Americans can launch rockets from a site called Cape Canaveral and we we are ashamed that the Centre of the Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial (INTA) make their tests from a place of Huelva which is called the Arenosillo field?". "Something is wrong with our educational system when a kid starts wanting to be an astronaut and leave wanting to be official," he added.

Invisible nanotechnology
Everything and with it, Spain is currently the world's ninth power in nanotechnology development. Doctor Javier García Martínez, founder of Rive Technology, a laboratory of molecular nanotechnology said. Via gold nanoparticles with antibodies that reach the same cancer cells and they give different orders, dangerous tumors are healing. "These nanoparticles locate cancer cells and release a very toxic substance (DOX) exactly within the tumor. The diagnosis is much better and the non-existent side effects,"he explained. As made clear this young researcher, "Internet of things is going to be surpassed soon by the Nanocosas Internet. When we are able to get inside our body nanoparticles that may emit signals telling us how we are, we will be able to monitor our health status".

As a former student of MIT, put this American campus as an example of entrepreneurship and development engine. Thus, he recalled a 2009 report according to which this University - just 15,000 students - has generated more than 25,000 businesses which employ three million people in its history. "Nanotechnology is changing the world and the leading countries know this and are investing in it. "Some of the best nanotechnologists are in Spain, something we are the eighth power in this, but you have to ask the Government to invest in science, because without science, there is no future", added.

Play more and more experiences
If there is no future without science, nor should it without an education. Daniel Sánchez Crespo spoke in his triple facet as father, College Professor and designer of video games. His study Novarama has left Invizimals, a series of games of which carries 2.850.000 units sold, has inspired a television series that is broadcast in 17 countries, has sold five million toys... "Never speak of the why we do things, what is what really gives meaning to what we do." By what this obsession of creating fantasy worlds for children such as the Invizimals, which are little monsters? These worlds are an opportunity to generate real emotions. A product of fiction is always an opportunity to transmit culture".

Sanchez Crespo complained that at the moment-"where we cannot we do the simple" - detects "a certain display of stupidity that is worrying". "We have fantastic media such as the Internet and social networks to promote culture and brilliant ideas, however, we are using them to send pictures of cats and people being silly", summarized. During his speech at the last event of brilliant minds, he advocated trying to transmit positive values at a time with so many important issues on the table