Thursday, January 28, 2016

Aerospace balloons to nanotechnology

Balloons able to ascend people to return them after 36 kilometers with satellites and - in the future - healthy and save the Earth; design classic and electric vehicles; the best nanotechnology to fight cancer; video games as fun as educational best sellers; software for robots that will make almost everything... They are just some of the actual innovation projects that are developing in Spain entrepreneurs with DNI. Download here the journal El Economista technology.

The latest edition of the brilliant minds event, held last week at the Circo Price in Madrid (15 and 16 October), brought together a group of national romantic illuminated. It was a very inspiring lesson in good gone, good practices, so that we are able when we intend.

Sponsored by PlayStation, Adecco and El Corte Inglés, among other companies, all of them had their own dream. A dream that, despite the crisis and other adversities, it is putting into practice with hard work, discipline and effort. As also happens in elite sport, their projects have a lot of epic. Perhaps for this reason, at the same meeting, the captain of the Spanish team of synchronized swimming Ona Carbonell took the floor. It said: "the good guys complain, the best fit. "The winners are goals, the losers only excuses".


In the end, love is power
The own moderator of the event, the journalist Manuel Campo Vidal, insisted that "Spain does not deserve what is happening". "We have a problem of self-esteem, these people shows us that they are doing things that can do great things," he repeated. And put an example: "Why Americans can launch rockets from a site called Cape Canaveral and we we are ashamed that the Centre of the Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial (INTA) make their tests from a place of Huelva which is called the Arenosillo field?". "Something is wrong with our educational system when a kid starts wanting to be an astronaut and leave wanting to be official," he added.

Invisible nanotechnology
Everything and with it, Spain is currently the world's ninth power in nanotechnology development. Doctor Javier García Martínez, founder of Rive Technology, a laboratory of molecular nanotechnology said. Via gold nanoparticles with antibodies that reach the same cancer cells and they give different orders, dangerous tumors are healing. "These nanoparticles locate cancer cells and release a very toxic substance (DOX) exactly within the tumor. The diagnosis is much better and the non-existent side effects,"he explained. As made clear this young researcher, "Internet of things is going to be surpassed soon by the Nanocosas Internet. When we are able to get inside our body nanoparticles that may emit signals telling us how we are, we will be able to monitor our health status".

As a former student of MIT, put this American campus as an example of entrepreneurship and development engine. Thus, he recalled a 2009 report according to which this University - just 15,000 students - has generated more than 25,000 businesses which employ three million people in its history. "Nanotechnology is changing the world and the leading countries know this and are investing in it. "Some of the best nanotechnologists are in Spain, something we are the eighth power in this, but you have to ask the Government to invest in science, because without science, there is no future", added.

Play more and more experiences
If there is no future without science, nor should it without an education. Daniel Sánchez Crespo spoke in his triple facet as father, College Professor and designer of video games. His study Novarama has left Invizimals, a series of games of which carries 2.850.000 units sold, has inspired a television series that is broadcast in 17 countries, has sold five million toys... "Never speak of the why we do things, what is what really gives meaning to what we do." By what this obsession of creating fantasy worlds for children such as the Invizimals, which are little monsters? These worlds are an opportunity to generate real emotions. A product of fiction is always an opportunity to transmit culture".

Sanchez Crespo complained that at the moment-"where we cannot we do the simple" - detects "a certain display of stupidity that is worrying". "We have fantastic media such as the Internet and social networks to promote culture and brilliant ideas, however, we are using them to send pictures of cats and people being silly", summarized. During his speech at the last event of brilliant minds, he advocated trying to transmit positive values at a time with so many important issues on the table