Sunday, January 31, 2016

Euro cloud

"This has been a year of maturation of the cloud as industry, is not something possible but is a reality," she announces Francisco J. González, Chairman of EuroCloud Spain during the presentation of the memory of the activities of the main Association of Cloud Computing technologies and Big dates in Spain,

"The more indicative of this state of maturation is that companies know the cloud as an alternative to infrastructure services. For many people it is not a novelty", another thing is that they are taking full advantage of this technology - says Gonzalez. Who indeed, what surprises him most is that many companies, workers or individuals do not know that they use services in the cloud, but use Gmail and different developers.

Latest official data that are counted are those included by the National Observatory for telecommunication and society (ONTSI) of the information, collected in its report 'The network 2014 society' (published in September of 2015), which reveals that 34.9% of large enterprises has acquired online cloud computing service. Less is, however, the penetration in SMEs, a 13.1%, while for microenterprises is 8.1 per cent.

"It highlights that the figures have evolved relatively little about 2013, especially in SMEs and very small where there is a great ignorance of the cloud as a concept".
According to the study by this agency under the Ministry of industry, energy and tourism "the most sought-after service, in all cases, is that of storing files". But for Gonzalez as "relevant ealmente" r, is its use as a server of databases of the company - from customers, potential customers or internal data - not necessarily as big data, but yes a trendsetter in the accommodation information and data structured in the cloud.

Joins eurocloud Spain, for the moment, has no official figures on the use of cloud services in Spain, apart from those offered by ONTSI, but for its President "all indications are that within a few years this will be one more than the solutions used within the cloud", says in an interview with Baquia prior to the press conference.

System integrators we first saw as an enemy but now see us as a great ally.
For this reason, González notes that industry cloud "there is a great market opportunity for system integrators work and promote the companies to join the cloud solutions". Issue of special relevance when in Spain "the majority of the business sector are SMEs and micro-enterprises".
Euro cloud

"The solution called multinube, is a trend that is seeing already in fact, and despuntará next year", ahead of Gonzalez. The hybrid cloud (mix of private and public cloud) is in fashion has evolved even more hybrid between local and global; for example the user can work with a provider of Spanish cloud, which has facilities in Spain and then combine it with a great public cloud provider.
Containerization as derivative phenomenon, a trend that is "only the beginning" and that will see its evolution in the coming years. "We will configure machines in a few containers carrying our cloud computing machines to other suppliers without effort, when the technologies are compatible" says President joins eurocloud Spain Spain.

From joins eurocloud Spain Spain they predict that this is finally the year "in which people raise is the use of the big data with a particular purpose". Until now was stored information and not is knew what to do with it, but from now could see concrete applications: for example, in applied e security for customers, analyzing the usage patterns of the devices which the customer makes and detect, for example, cases of phishing.
Finally, the Internet of Things will be integrated into the cloud. the Internet of things is already a reality, we will arrive at a moment in which everything is connected: at home with the proliferation of home automation in households but also in public administration with major projects of Smart cities. In fact, the Association will open next month of April a specific Commission for this sector.