Friday, January 29, 2016

Smart Coffeemaker

Constantly increases the number of smart devices and every new product we about to the era of the Internet of things. To date, already we can buy Smart Coffeemaker, a high-tech shower or a car with connection to Internet. Now even the concept of computer furniture, a type of furniture that changes shape according to the preferences of the user has been created.

As almost any device with Internet access, all these innovative gadgets will need to be protected against cyber-attacks. Unfortunately, manufacturers tend not to think about the development of a decent security system until something happens. This has a disadvantage, and it is that, sooner or later, there is always a problem, and adults are not the only victims, but that children are also.

Kaspersky Lab and the company based in Switzerland, WISeKey, join forces to make more secure the Internet of things. With this partnership, the two companies will develop technologies of authentication and data encryption for the protection of devices wearables. Emphasis will be placed on the things that most concern the users daily, secure connection and communication and the exchange of financial information.

WISeKey is a company well versed in the development of security solutions for the Internet of things; for example, its technology "Cryptographic Root of Trust for IoT" (or root of encryption for the Internet of things) has been used in more than 2.5 billion desktops, browsers, mobile devices and certified SSL.

Premium connection, such as Bulgari, device manufacturers have already integrated the WISeKey security solution in your smart watches. This software allows the user to connect their devices to others such as smartphones and access to applications, data, and secure cloud storage.

The experience that Kaspersky Lab brings to this partnership goes by another line. We provide mobile payment security tools. Our technology allows to activate protection at multiple layers of the financial activities of users online. This technology has obtained high marks for quality and reliability in a series of independent tests performed.

End of 2015 and 2016 early, there were multiple cibertaques that were intended to connected devices. So, it's obvious: now is a great time to establish new rules of cyber security for the Internet of things and we are glad to be able to contribute to this topic with our companions of WISeKey.

Solutions to reduce consumption through greater efficiency; for recycling and reusing waste; and to execute these processes with more use of clean energy and fewer greenhouse gases.
Smart Coffeemaker
Climate change is the most serious threat to the future of the human species and we have the last chance for a reaction in time. These are two undeniable teachings that will be the Conference of the parties (COP21) of this year in Paris. There are answers. There is a model. And it is economical and environmentally viable.

Suez Water Spain offers tools to monitor permanently the drainage and sewer networks
2015 is the year of the consolidation of an idea. A strategic project that was born in 2011. A new business culture. The origin was to transform the experience and knowledge of a specialist of world reference in water management and sharing and transferring the new solutions. The science of the universities become technologies. And, ultimately, to establish a common strategy for collaboration among all stakeholders: do all innovation line an opportunity to go adding and achieve a sustainable model to relate less aggressively with natural resources. A model based on the "circular economy" triple r - reduction, reuse and recycling, that generates value and brings sustainability to business projects.

This project, which was born with global vocation, has led to the deployment of Suez Water Spain in both private and public markets in more than twenty countries in Europe, North Africa, United States and much of Latin America.

New technologies and solutions have proved effective in all sectors that have to do with the management of water in the world. They guarantee greater water efficiency in the urban cycle, provide procedures for a purge of all waste and to regenerate the water and enable it again in order to resume the natural cycle. New methods are also responses to drastically reduce pollution in the industrial sectors and produce food with a smaller "footprint" through intelligent irrigation systems. All new mechanisms are joined to self-generate, endogenously, renewable energy.

The technologies that allow displays in real time, and resolving possible incidents in the urban water distribution network, minimizing operating costs, controlling the quality of the water and saving water and energy are already numerous. In the same way, the company offers tools to monitor permanently the drainage and sewerage networks and prevent episodes of risk, such as flooding or discharge. The development of many technologies of remote reading or Smart Metering allows you to streamline and monitor continuous consumption of each client, in such a way that they have become an instrument of great help to the companies supplying and clients themselves. This online register solutions such as service SICAM + or Advance Metering Management, that puts to value water meter as investment rather than cost in order to optimise the policy of renewal of the Park of Accountants; Aquapred, which allows the detection and follow-up of irregular consumption through the analysis of trade data; the Aquacis Suite, modular information that improves the quality of service to the customer and at the same time increase the efficiency of processes; or the new Watercount, an APP designed by the company to improve the manual meter reading from smartphones geopositioned supply point and optimising routes of reading. Another striking novelty is Enerlogy Monitoring (EMO), a platform that is able to integrate all the basic consumption of water, electricity and gas.

Enerlogy Monitoring (EMO) is a platform that is able to integrate all the basic consumption of water, electricity and gas
As for the purification of waste, already extended procedures of treatment, dried and put in value of sludge (STC), new solutions are added to optimize processes in wastewater (wastewater treatment plant) stations. The use of a mineral called struvite has enabled the recovery of some components of value, such as phosphorus and nitrogen are not lost and are subsequently used in agriculture.

If we leave aside the water cold and inaccessible of the polar areas, the greater amount of fresh water is underground aquifers and is the second alternative source of urban and industrial supply. In this sector, technologies have been developed in recent times to ensure supply and avoid the risk of contamination. IDroLewell patented technology allows you to control the levels of the