Friday, February 12, 2016

Top 10 Xbox 360 Games

Thanks to the pages of his blog, the "Major" Major Nelson has announced that the backward compatibility program of Xbox One can count on another 10 titles. The total number of Xbox 360 games that can be used on the current generation consoles, the software giant takes the total to 120, thanks to the addition to the excellent fighting game Soulcalibur meetings, dell'interessantissima graphic adventure Sam & Max Save the World and the unforgettable The Witcher 2: Assassin's of Kings.

We take this opportunity to remind you that the digital titles within the catalog of compatible games will automatically be included in the section Ready for installation of the Xbox One console. For disk games, however, you must insert the original DVD and wait until the automatic download.
The cause is related to the fact that the Xbox 360 had a tendency to scratch the optical discs. 

According to the plaintiffs Microsoft was aware of the problem but did not take timely precautions. It was their second of a design problem with that Redmond would not ensure the necessary safeguards to prevent the effects of vibration. The small movements to which they were subjected discs produced scratches, making the long unplayable those titles.

The lawsuit was filed in 2012, claiming that the problem was with 55 thousand users of the Xbox 360. But that same year a federal judge rejected it claiming that he was not involved enough people to justify a class action.

Much to the dismay of Microsoft, the decision was however annulled by the Court of Appeals. Microsoft claims that it is not a design flaw, but the scratches resulting from improper use of the console made by users. According to Redmond, only 0.4% of Xbox 360 owners complain of this problem.
The Supreme Court does not decide on the guilt or otherwise of Microsoft, but will simply determine whether there are conditions for a class action.
It is inevitable a bit of nostalgia when we begin to talk about the legendary Ninja Turtles. Born in the now distant 1984, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been successful because they represent a perfect mix of action and humor. 

Crossed comics, tv (with the animated series), cinema (animation films and the recent adaptation of Michael Bay) and also came into our console.

Indeed, the elements for an inspired game are there: memorable characters and fun, colorful graphics and action. What should ever go wrong? In theory, no; in practice, after the first and after TMNT Turtles in Time, very few of the Ninja Turtles games have managed to emerge from mediocrity. Most of the developers have preferred to focus more sull'iconicità the name of the game on care. Now, perhaps, things could change.

Heroes in a shell!
Activision has presented Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant in Manhattan, a third-person action game for release on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC in partnership with Nickelodeon and developed by Platinum Games.

The Platinum are the real experts when it comes to making action games adrenaline. There is talk, after all, the team that brought you the excellent Bayonetta, other deserving action games like Metal Gear Rising and The Wonderful 101, and also other good titles inspired by the animated series The Legend of Korra and Transformers Devastation.

 It is the latter examples us hope towards the success of this game: the Platinum already have good experience in the tie-in cartoon style industry, and we hope that it will be the usual rule of "good things come in threes ". The story will be curated by the current author of the comic of the same name IDW Comics, that inspired even the graphic style, Tom Waltz.

 It seems that want to represent themselves adequately and with the right care turtles and their universe. In short, the premise for a game seems to be taken care of all: if there is a study that can succeed in the enterprise to represent worthily in a video game Ninja Turtles, we are convinced that it is precisely that of Platinum Games.